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Review-Torn away from you by Benedetta Cipriano



Will be released on JAN29TH


Probably, if lived together, life can become less scary…

Hope fights every day against a strange obsessive-compulsive disorder in an attempt to silence the pain caused by past disappointments. She spends her time curled up in an alternative reality that seems to anesthetize her pain and give her courage. Thin and fragile she hides her body in a t-shirt too big for her and her heart from indiscreet eyes. Nate is an ex-marine, now a krav maga instructor, with a cumbersome memory that gnaws at his soul day after day. His heart has remained buried in the rubble in Afghanistan. He fights silencing his anger in his gym, teaching students to defend themselves from physical and moral attacks. When their paths cross for the first time, inside a deserted supermarket, they can no longer turn back: Hope, in the throes of a panic attack, is rescued by Nate who appears out of nowhere. From that time on in each other’s eyes, they can no longer live one without the other.

Can two lost souls together start fighting again? Even when everything seems lost, perhaps there is always hope and the possibility of choosing?



There are reviews you write only with your heart because your mind has no power. This one is one of those reviews! When I’ve read “Torn away from you” for the first time, it was a creature wrapped in swaddling clothes, like a newborn baby who has to be introduced to the world for the first time. After a few pages, I’ve already fallen in love with this novel, because the author decided to start with a smash, tying the reader down and then releasing him only at the end of the reading. “Torn away from you” is a very touching story that deals with two souls broken into pieces that, when they meet, they find a way to pick up some pieces to arrange as best as they can. It isn’t easy because some pieces are so small that they seem invisible, but they need to be glued to see the soul shine again. Will these two people be able to do everything by themselves just helping each other? Apparently, Hope is the weakest for her obsessive-compulsive disorder and a heavy past that rests on her shoulders, her breasts and her heart. Nate is seemingly the strongest. He is a rock where the tragedies of a past he doesn’t want to share, eroded part of the ground. Together, they can in part take care of each other. Hope finds out that, in spite of her puny body, she has enough strength to fight in the ring of the life. Maybe she won’t win all the rounds and some matches will floor her, but she has the right strength to get up. On the contrary, Nate needs to learn to let go. It’s normal to be scared, and falling down in a ring could be fine because the effort we make to get up, will make us stronger. Thanks to the two perspectives used by the author, we have the possibility to see who the characters really are. They both are deeply introspective and they show us every worry, weakness, but also the hope to feel good again.  Nate and Hope are two bodies, who sink in a deep sea but once touching the bottom, they have the courage to rise to the surface. The style is intense and focused. It doesn’t need expedients. Cipriano doesn’t waste time talking. She tells what she has to tell, without wandering off, leaving us to a touching and liberating ending. The poetry of the author is her strong point. Not everyone can be praised for the ability to connect poetry and narrative in a perfect mixture. Be ready to underline, because there are sentences that you will want to read and read again. I’ve recently read this novel again, a year from its launch in Italy, and I felt exactly the same emotions of the first time.




“Torn away from you” is one of those novels that once you have read it, you will never forget. It’s like when you admire the dawn for the first time: the light sky, the rising sun, the fresh and biting air. “Torn away from you” leaves you breathless for its poetry, but your heart feels a sting for the pain it suffers. It’s an intense, devastating and touching story. This is a novel that moves and destroys, a novel that at the beginning cherishes you and then devastates you. In other words, it must be absolutely read. The main character is Hope who, contrary to her beautiful name, has lost “hope” for a long time.  Hope is a fragile soul, housed in a body just as weak and delicate, who carries a tangle of disappointments and blows, showed by a compulsive obsession to count numbers. Hope counts to escape from reality. She pronounces that infinite list of numbers to protect herself, to escape. She can’t resist. It’s the only way to not fall apart.

But Hope is already broken, until Nate can save her.


Nate is an ex-Marine who has a skeleton in the closet. The guilt he feels for watching his best friend James die in battle, cripples him every day. Nate can’t touch anyone since he lost his friend but when he sees Hope falling down from a shelf in a supermarket, he grabs her, realizing that he can still save others. Hope and Nate meet after some days at Nate’s gym where he teaches krav maga. Therefore, they start getting closer to each other. Hope struggles to trust in others. Her sufferings tear her breasts, but Nate succeeds in encouraging her and releasing the sleeping soldier within her. But also Nate needs to be saved, behind his obscure and serious gaze, behind his missing smile, there is such a deep sadness. And Hope, unconsciously, succeeds in taking care of his damaged soul. It doesn’t seem right to go on with the plot, but I can tell you that it isn’t elaborate or complicated. This is a story that can speak about each one of us, a friend or a relative. The main characters are so realistic that they can be almost touched by hand. Thanks to the poetic, refined and touching style of Benedetta, the reader can dig deep into the emotions of the characters, seeing him again. “Torn away from you” is a hymn to love, hope and to second chances. Hope and Nate will look after each other’s pains, even those that seem to be incurable. And even if the light doesn’t seem to be glimpsed at the end of the tunnel, there will be a glimmer ready to light them up. As we are human beings, we take on positive and negative periods in our life and we must never lose hope, even when all seems to fall apart. The story of Nate and Hope shows us merely our life, in a pleasant but devastating way. Hope and Nate are all of us.


Silvia and Debora


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